A Reflection From Our Future Co-President

Especially this year, with so many surprising changes and shocking global events, GlobeMed has been essential to me in processing it all. Our weekly GHU discussions have been an enormous part of that, but so have conversations I have had with GlobeMed members outside of our meetings, be they on the walk home or on long road trips to conferences. Being able to talk things through with other like-minded, open-minded people has been really valuable to me. I believe that GHU has really helped me become better-informed, so that I am equipped to take steps forward and to play a role as an advocate for social justice.

One of my favorite parts of GlobeMed is when the seniors share their GlobeMed stories, that is, what made them join the club in the first place, and what impact it has had on them since. I think that coming into college, I saw my four years here somewhat like a stepping stone on the way to building a career. Now, I see it more as an incubator, for my interests, for my passions, for my ideas, and for my own story, and to me that is so much more valuable. From going on the GROW internship to casual conversations on campus, it has enriched my time at BC in a uniquely wonderful way, and I have really appreciated that this semester in particular. GlobeMed has been and continues to be one of the communities where I have felt most invited and compelled to develop my vision, and to find my place in the world, and for that, I could not be more grateful. I can’t wait for next year!

-Michaela Simoneau ’18

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