Our Mid-Year Highlights

 GlobeMed’s chapter at Boston College has had an excellent first semester! With many new and returning members, our chapter has been thriving anywhere from fundraising at football tailgates, to passionate discussions on Global Health in our meetings, to rallying for the right to Health on Article 25 Day. The leadership from our E-board members has helped our GlobeMed chapter to have such large success this semester academically, socially, and economically! Their great leadership has lead our chapter to experience events such as a staff retreat, various fundraising events, and in-the classroom learning about concepts such as a single payer health care system, the Declaration of Human Rights, and effective advocacy on a case study of Ferguson. Here is what some of our members have to say about what we’ve been up to this semester!

Fall Retreat:

This semester, the community building committee hosted GlobeMed’s first retreat of the year. The fall retreat this year focused on building relationships with one another and listing our aspirations and visions for the club this year. We started the day off with GlobeMed jeopardy, which focused on questions about the GlobeMed organization, our CORD partner, and some fun facts about E-board members. Both teams were extremely competitive, which made it fun, and everyone learned something about the club. We then broke up into teams and did a photo scavenger hunt around Newton campus. Each group worked together and really bonded. And all the pictures turned out great! We continued to get to know each other by doing a four corners reflection, where everyone shared different aspects of their lives to their group. Once we had all gotten to know each other better, we switched gears and started outlining our goals for the club this year. We did a pass it forward activity, where we wrote answers to the question, “Why we believe in global health?” We then left these cards in different areas around campus. This activity helped us reflect and remind ourselves why we personally are in GlobeMed, and it also served as a way to advocate and educate others on campus. We then did a values activity, which determined what values are most important to us, and discussed how these values can be incorporated into GlobeMed. And we ended the retreat with a body of goals reflection, where we outlined the body of a group member and answered questions related GlobeMed, that were associated with different parts of the body. This helped us set goals for the year, and plans to carry out those goals. At the end of the fall retreat, we all knew each other better and were reminded of why we joined GlobeMed and our goals for the semester.

-Community Building Member, Bea Lynch


One of the most interesting ghU topics this semester included a discussion about the single-payer health care system. Brendan started by explaining the basics of the single-payer system to the large group, and then we analyzed the specifics of this policy and discussed it in comparison to President Obama’s current health care plan. This ghU was very effective because it connected to the Article 25 event that our GlobeMed chapter participated in at the Boston Commons. During this event, we partnered with organizations that are advocating for single-payer health care, and so this ghU session allowed us to better understand their plan. By connecting directly to an advocacy event, the single-payer ghU was extremely informative and well-received by the whole group.

-ghU member, Elizabeth Magill

My favorite ghU subjects were when we talked about Single Payer health care and when we talked about advocacy in Ferguson.

-ghU member, Alexandra Mills

I really enjoy being able to participate in small group discussions. It’s rewarding as a GhU coordinator to see how passionate and excited members of our club are about global and public health related topics. Through participating in these conversations, I get to learn from the interesting and knowledgable perspectives of other members.

-ghU E-board member, Brendan Pier

My favorite ghU this year was the one on the single-payer healthcare system. As a person looking to go into the medical field it was interesting to learn about an alternative to our healthcare system. As one day I will have to deal healthcare system it always good to be educated on ways it can be improved!

-ghU member, Bryan Wiedemann
“My favorite part of ghU thus far has been all of the discussions about current events, which have helped me to understand them much better. These discussions also served to draw connections back to the broader sphere of social justice, as well as global health, and what we do within the context of GlobeMed. For instance, I think that there were a lot of misconceptions about Ebola when the crisis first began, and I appreciated the information I learned through ghU, and the meaningful discussions we had afterwards about the many different ways to deal with such a complex problem. I think that relating everything back to these current events helps us to not only be more informed when having discussions with other students and professors on campus, but also serves to highlight and provide a deeper appreciation for the myriad public health issues that are plaguing our world as we speak.”
-ghU member, Michaela Simoneau

We’re looking forward to many more events and happenings next semester!

Happy Holidays,

GlobeMed at Boston College

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